Monday, July 13, 2009

Dollar goes down and silver goes up!

Silver ended up a little bit today at just over $12.80 per ounce. Definitely down from its previous highs in the last 60 days. Silver should hit 15 in the next several months and then should steadily increase from there. That is my opinion at least. Even though silver is being heavily manipulated - that will only go on for so long and eventually the futures and options markets will be removed from existence and the TRUE REAL price of silver can be realized. Let's just hope nothing weird happens between now and then like everyone demanding physical delivery of bullion.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Silver might follow gold

Well if gold goes from 930 to 990 then silver will follow it up the rise. Traditionally silver will follow the price of gold and this time should be no different. Summer is here and trading has been flat but come Monday it will be off to the races and silver will follow gold up the charts. Imagine what would happen if everyone demanded physical delivery of their silver? I am thinking about buying some more silver bars not sure what size to get right now. My investments in silver have done me very well.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Silver ends the week with potential

Silver closed this week at 13.37 and at this price it is a bargain, in fact it will be bargain until it hits 20.00/oz. We are using up this precious resource faster than we are producing it. We are constantly inventing new technology that requires silver in medicine and technology. Also you have a one time secular transition where you have India, Brazil, and China making a shift from an agricultural based economy to a technology based economy and in the process they are upgrading their lifestyles to match. This means that they are now living in homes with all the modern luxuries we in the west are so accustomed to. This means there are billions of people who are now going to be consuming a lot of silver. There WILL be a silver crisis one day and you can profit knowing this by investing in silver while it is still cheap.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Investing in Silver Bullion

Investing in silver bullion can be very lucrative. Most people see silver as an ideal investment during times of bad stock market prices etc. There are a few different ways an investor can invest in silver bullion. I think that people should have a combination of an allocated account which is different than an ETF and I also think that people should buy physical silver bullion. The beauty of having non physial silver is that you can liquidate your holdings instantly and you only pay about 11% over the spot price. If you buy physical than yeah sure you have no risk of losing your assets in the case of a govt intervention but it is harder to sell the physical silver bullion and you have to pay to have it assayed. Right now is definitely a great time to buy silver with the current spot price of $13.35 - I think that silver will be trading at $20 per ounce one day soon. In my next post I will outline all the reasons why I think silver is going to continue to rise in price.